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Rules of Play

1. USGA rules shall govern all play except as modified by local rules.
2. Play “Ready Golf”. Simply stated, each golfer within group hits when ready.
• Be in position to hit your ball before it is your turn.
• Always carry an extra ball and a ball marker in your pocket.
• Do not record your score until you get to the next tee.
• Move your cart away from the green as quickly as possible.
3. During league play, there are no “gimmee” putts or “mulligans.” All whiffs count as strokes. Play the ball down.
4. Count every stroke during league play, but take the Equitable Stroke Control adjustment on a hole when you enter your score for handicap purposes (See Handicap Rules below).
Special League Rule: If you are having a BAD hole and do not want to finish, write PU (pick-up) in the space on your scorecard. If you do this and it affects the game of the day, you will not be eligible for prizes on that day. If you reach a score of 10 on any hole, pick your ball up and record a 10.
5. If there is a rules question on the course, play two balls from the point in question, record both scores and then seek clarification from the Professional staff when you come in.
6. Most importantly, ENJOY ladies day and have fun!!!

Handicap Rules:
Handicap System: Enables golfers of all skill levels to compete on an equitable basis.
Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment made after a round is completed. ESC gets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s course handicap. ESC is used only when entering scores in the computer.
In tournament play you must finish (putt out) each hole and count every stroke for purposes of your score for the competition. Do not adjust your score for handicap purposes until your put it in the computer.

USGA Course Handicap                           Maximum Score Per Hole

9 and under                                                           Double Bogey

10-19                                                                                   7

20-29                                                                                   8

30-39                                                                                   9

40 and up                                                                          10